RPET Trendy Folder

600D RPET, A4 size folder. Made from recycled plastic to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. Elastic band with metal closure designed for laser engraving. 3 flap pockets, card holders and pen holder. Detachable 20 page notepad included. Distinctive RPET in corner

Product size: 4.5 x 32 x 1.5 cm | 430 gr.

Branding Method: Laser Engrave, Screen Print

RPET Trendy Folder

A great and stylish gift idea for the trendy student or executive

600D RPET, A4 size folder. Made from recycled plastic to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. It has an elastic band with metal closure designed for laser engraving. 3 flap pockets, card holders and pen holder. Detachable 20 page notepad included. Distinctive RPET in corner

RPET Folder

The folder has a distinctive RPET print on the bottom left corner so you can show off that you are doing your bit for our beautiful environment and encouraging others to do the same. The more material that is recycled and re-used, the less single- use plastics, the better off our oceans will be! Branding this folder with your logo can affiliate your eco-conscious business to show the world that you are loud and proud for making a stand against single use plastics. These types of materials are our future as we learn to process both sustainable and recycled products to make them into everyday materials. Who would have thought you could turn a plastic bottle into a soft and trendy material.

RPET Folder

If you aren’t inspired yet, here are 10 reasons why this product is for you…

      • Forget single use plastics, this little document holder is made from recycled water bottles. How good is that!!
      •  Great for executives. Look fab and on trend with this under your arm to your next meeting
      • Super on trend heather material
      • This RPET Folder has a real European retail feel. Hipsters, TREND alert!!
      • Perfect for Universities, Schools, Travel, Executive’s, New Starters, Staff gifts/incentives or  your daily commute
      • Every order placed helps plant a tree in Australia.
      • Can be used almost anywhere and everyday. That’s value for money!
      • This is part of a matching set. More matching products include a Stylish laptop bag and a anti-theft backpack all made from RPET.
      • Large branding space to get your brand or logo out there. Everyday commuters can be showing off your brand daily. That is so much exposure! Or be subtle and stylish with a beautiful laser engrave.
      • Really good quality, strong and durable. After all its plastic.

The best part of promotional merchandise and corporate gifts is in the product selection. There are some fabulous similar items that you can match up and pair with this folder. See below in “You may also like…” Let us worry about the logistics and we’ll make sure you and your customers/staff/network have an amazing experience. We also have a massive range of top trending promotional merchandise you can pair this backpack on our main site which you can view here.




4.5 x 32 x 1.5 cm | 430 gr.

Branding Options

There are a few branding styles for this folder. One of our favorite ways to brand, laser engraving is beautiful, subtle and stylish. You can also screen print this folder which gives you a larger print area if you want your logo to sing.  All maximum imprint areas are shown below, but we are happy to provide suggestions to ensure the best branding possible. If you would like to see a mock up prior to placing your order please get in touch with our team.

Laser Engrave the metal closure, laser 25 x 10 mm

Screen Print The front cover, print 70 x 50 mm 


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