Retap Glass Bottle

Sometimes less is more. The Retap Bottle 500ml has all of the strength and durability of the larger bottles, but fits comfortably in a car cup holder or a small carry bag. While smaller in stature, the opening on the Retap 500ml Bottle remains consistent with the rest of the Retap lineup. This means that you can switch lids from any of your bottles with ease.

Refilling a reusable bottle is easy, inexpensive and the simplest act of personal environmentalism you can make. By refilling a reusable Retap Bottle you help lessen the environmental impact of transporting water all over the world and significantly reduce the mountains of trash created by plastic bottles.  Optional gift tube or box available.


Height: 155 mm.  Diameter: 68 mm. (max)  Weight: 183 gr. (with lid)

Branding Options

Pad Print on bottle


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